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New on Auction Art: bidding via Twitter

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Auction Art #2 is sold. Time to review the concept again. This time I add Twitter bidding. Which means you can place bids via Twitter. What makes this interesting for you is that you get a 5% reduction if you win the auction with that bid.

How do you place a bid via Twitter? Simple: send a twit to @auctionart, and compose your twit like this: “@auctionart I bid (amount) euro”

You’ll need to confirm your bid via e-mail (sorry about that, but experience has learned some people sometimes don’t know what they’re twittering). So please contact me via e-mail after placing your Twitter bid. If you haven’t contacted me within 24 hours after you placed your bid,  your bid becomes invalid.

Please note that the reduction will be calculated on the price of the painting only. There’s no reduction on the shipping costs.

New painting online tomorrow!


Written by Jan Leenders

November 2, 2008 at 11:11 pm

Posted in Talk

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