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Auction Art is an online art auction. Want to know more? Read on:

This is how it works:
1. I make a painting and put it online. Opening price is € 1.
2. If someone likes the painting and wants to buy it for that price or higher, he sends me his bid.
3. The first (or highest) bidder will be contacted and must confirm his bid via e-mail. If he doesn’t confirm within 24 hours, his bid will be cancelled and I will contact the second (or second highest) bidder. After confirmation, we go to:
4. The price of the painting goes up to the new price: highest bid + € 1.
Now go back to step 2.
And then there’s the question: when does the auction end? The answer: if I haven’t received a new bid 3 days after the last bid, the auction ends and the last bidder becomes the owner. After he payed his painting, I’ll send him his Auction Art artwork. I only accept PayPal payments.
Oh, and that’s 3 days exactly, like 72 hours or 4.320 minutes or 259.200 seconds.

How do I know when those 3 days are over?
You can see the exact ending hour in the blogpost of the painting. Underneath it, there’s a clock ticking. That should do it.

Bidding via e-mail
There are two ways to place a bid: via e-mail and via Twitter. Via e-mail is simple, just hit the “Bid via e-mail” button underneath the painting and send the mail that pops up.

Bidding via Twitter
Bidding via Twitter demands a little more effort, but you get something in return: a 5% reduction if you win the auction with that bid.
How do you place a bid via Twitter? Simple: send a twit to @auctionart, and compose your twit like this:
“@auctionart I bid (amount) euro”
You’ll need to confirm your bid via e-mail. Please contact me via e-mail after placing your bid via Twitter. If you haven’t contacted me within 24 hours after placing your bid, your bid will become invalid.
Please note that the reduction will be calculated on the price of the painting only. There’s no reduction on the shipping costs.

Shipping costs?
Yes. The costs are:
Belgium: € 2,00
Europe: € 6,00
Rest of the world: € 7,00

Are there any other costs?

How do I know when somebody has placed a higher bid?
I’ll update the site as quick as possible. You can also check the Auction Art Twitter page.

Who says you aren’t placing fake bids?
Well, I won’t. There isn’t anything to really prove I’m not cheating (except perhaps publishing a “print screen” of received mails, but that would bring is too far). So I’ll just add some sort of bidding history when a painting is on auction. I hope that’s enough.

What happens if no one bids on a painting?
If a painting has been on auction for a month without a single bid, the auction will end. The price of the painting will then be set to € 25 (shipping costs excluded).

How do I know when there’s a new painting up for sale?
Four possibilities:
1. Check regularly. Like every day. Or every hour. Maybe even every minute.
2. Subscribe to the Auction Art RSS feed.
3. Follow me via the Auction Art Twitter page (which also has a RSS feed).
4. Subscribe to the Auction Art mailing list. Send me an e-mail with subject “subscribe auction art” and I’ll send you a notification everytime I put a new painting online. You can unsubscribe by sending an e-mail with subject “unsubscribe auction art”.

What is a twit? What is Twitter?
A twit is a message, sent via Twitter. Twitter is a free online service that allows you to send short “updates” or “twits” to the Twitter website. A twit can be up to 140 characters long. Only text. This video explains it all.
Don’t have a Twitter account? Sign up for free.

Step by step instructions if you’re new to Twitter:
1. Create a free Twitter account here.
2. Press “skip” at the bottom of the page of the next page.
3. Type your message. Your message should look like this: “@auctionart I bid (amount) euro”.
4. Press “update”.
5. That’s it!
Extra tips:
Sometimes Twitter acts strange, and I don’t receive your twits as I should. So make sure to contact me via e-mail after placing your bid via Twitter. Also, if your Twitter account is set to private, I may not receive your twits.

Why do you auction your art?
Normally, if you auction your art, you are one of these persons:
1. You are a dead artist and finally people think you’re worth something.
2. You are not an artist but an art collector and you’re selling one of your investments via some auction house.
3. You are Damien Hirst (Hi Damien!).
I’m not dead, I’m not a collector and I’m not Damien Hirst. However, I find the democratic principle of an auction very appealing. And the risk makes it even more exciting.

So, you’re not Damien Hirst. Who are you then?
I’m Jan Leenders, a guy from Belgium. This is my art website, and this is Twit2art, another of my art projects.

How can I contact you?
Via e-mail.


Written by Jan Leenders

July 29, 2008 at 4:19 pm

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